Born and raised in Minnesota, I left the midwest to attend college in Washington, DC and even found myself in China for a semester. After graduating with a degree in International Affairs, I returned home to the midwest (a decision I question every winter). I'm an avid geek and lifelong learner, who is most often in front of a computer or behind a camera.

When not working on my plan for world domination, I can be found perusing the shelves of a library or used book store; baking chocolaty treats; exploring the outdoors; or bantering with my family. I also enjoy tinkering, repurposing, and de(con)structing.

View my LinkedIn profile for information about my education and work experience.

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Instructional Technology

While I always loved being in school, it was not my intention to work at one after graduating from college; it was serendipity that landed me in my current position as an instructional technology coach at Orono Public Schools. However, as a geek, life-long learner, and wannabe teacher, it is the most fitting job I could have.

Career & Technical Education

As a fervent supporter of career and technology education, I currently serve on the SkillsUSA Minnesota executive board - the career and tech student organization that has given me and millions of other students the skills and resources to succeed.


Photography & Design

Photography & Design

Though my love for art in general began at an early age, I did not develop an interest in photography and design until high school, the former during a black & white film class and the latter during a drawing class that end with a single day of playing in Photoshop. Since then, digital imaging has been a constant in my life.

The Business

Shortly after the purchase of my first digital SLR, I began utilizing photography as way to feed my expensive coffee habit. I started by selling stock photography, but soon transitioned into portraiture. This led to the creation of my digital imaging business, Peregrine Imaging. I specialize in on-location portraiture, as well as photo retouching. My favorite subjects are children, particularly those who have not been taught to "say cheese".

Having trained and competed in graphic design during high school, it was only natural that my business include design services in addition to photography. Though my formal design training was completely print-based, I have since only ever done web-based projects. I prefer the web side of design due to the added challenge of functionality and interactivity - a web design can't just look pretty, it has to work too. To this end, I have managed to teach myself (x)html, css, xml, javacript, PHP, and bits (and bytes) of various other languages when necessary.

Personal Work

When I'm not photographing squirmy, unpredictable children, I can often be found photographing squirmy, unpredicatable insects, and the beautiful flowers among which they hide. It often surprises those who know of my fast-paced, divagative nature that I can sit still as long as I do when photographing bugs, but nature is so intriguing when viewed at a 1:1 macro level, it's hard not to stop and stare.

I post a lot of my personal work, gardens and otherwise, in my print galleries. My most recent work is also highlighted on my business blog, and even more pictures can be found at my photo blog


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Not Enough Coffee

Whenever I feel like sharing something longer than 140 characters, I post it to my blog: Not Enough Coffee. As the tagline (Musings from a Library-addicted Computer Geek) suggests, I post on everything from the analog to the digital, with a big emphasis on the geeky. Although not explicit on my blog, many of my post have a K12 education flavor...Yes, flavor - my posts are so juicy, you can taste them.


I used to scorn Twitter as just another lifecaster, but was shown the light during my participation in More Things on a Stick web 2.0 program. If you tweet, I'd be happy to have you as part of my conversation. I generally follow most twits back, with the exception of spammers, bots, internet gurus, marketing experts, SEO specialists, and those with otherwise useless tweets. If you're not one of these, follow me: @CCahillMN.

Et al.

I also have a blog that chronicles my recent photography and design work, as well as a daily photo blog. Previews and RSS feeds for all of of these blogs are available on my RSS page.


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As an instructor for various community education programs in the Minneapolis area, I teach computer and photography related courses for adults, as well as summer camps for elementary and middle school students. I am also available for tutoring and professional development workshops, both in-person and online.


Upcoming Classes

Previous Classes

  • Wordpress 101
  • Social Media for Small Businesses
  • Professional Networking with Twitter
  • Getting Started with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Facebook for Parents
  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Special Techniques in Digital Photography
  • Basic Web Design for Small Businesses
  • Web Design for Middle School Students
  • Computer Programming for Elementary Students

Presentations & Speeches

In addition to teaching, I also enjoying speaking at conferences. Below is a list of some of my presentations and speeches. All my presentation materials are available at Phrontistery and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, i.e. feel free to use and even modify as necessary for non-commericial purposes, but remember to credit me.

  • "Social Media in Education," TIES Education Technology Conference, December 2010 and SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference, June 2010
  • "Annotate the Web with Diigo," TIES Education Technology Conference, December 2010
  • Minnesota CTSO Officer Training, December 2010
  • "Digital Toolbox," SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference, June 2010 and June 2011
  • "Twitter for Professionals," TIES Education Technology Conference, December 2009 and SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference, June 2010
  • "Teaching & Collaborating with Wikis," TIES Education Technology Conference, December 2009
  • SkillsUSA Minnesota Officer Training, December 2009
  • "Who Have You Helped Today," SkillsUSA Minnesota Delegate Conference, November 2008
  • "If at First You Don't Succeed, Redefine Success," SkillsUSA Minnesota Leadership Conference, October 2007


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I'd love to hear from you...unless, of course, your intentions are not nice, in which case I will send my flying monkeys after you.

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Peregrine Imaging

  • Baby J – 6 months

  • Contest: Free Photo Session!

    Welcome 2012 with a free basic photo session ($200 value), just for liking Peregrine Imaging on Facebook or following @PeregrineImagin on Twitter. On January 1st, I will do a random drawing from all my fans and followers, and award one lucky winner a free basic photo session. The photo session will be good for anytime in the year 2012, and may be given as a gift. Travel fees apply for sessions located outside the Twin Cities metro area.

    I will also be giving 25% off a purchase from my online store – good on either portrait or fine art prints – to a random person who shares this post on Facebook or retweets it on Twitter (must include @PeregrineImagin in the tweet).


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  • Baby J – Three Months

    Taking good photographs is easy when the subject is this cute.

  • Little Girls

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  • Kansas City Photowalk

    During a recent trip to Kansas City, I took the oppotunity to wander and take a few photos.

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  • Spring

    There still may be snow on the ground (despite technically being spring), but that’s not keeping the tulips from blooming…inside at least.

  • Family Portraits

    Here are some of the families that have been keeping me busy lately:

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